Step 2.
First Promt Screen
. No point to enter anything here. Click the red Arrow sign to get to the sedcond screen
Step 3.
The secont Promt screen
. Fill in a requerst about (almost) whatever you like. Could be almost any NON Offencive question  that the ChatBot have knowledge about. In this case a poem about al little bird
Step 4.
The output answer
from the AI ChatGPT about the request on the second Promt screen
Steps  for Input a promt and get the output in PortalStep AI app forChatGpt Bot
Step 1.
Click the start banner   below "Your Turn"to start the Ai bot
Your Turn!
Want an AI Bot of your own similar to the one you tried? And several additional features  like Image editor and banner maker, then Click then banner below
Start the Ai bot and follow the instructions above on this page
Test an Ai App for Chat Gpt by yourself before you buy one